Musical Conference

A surprising conference!

Manon Feubel Manon has always had an intrinsic relationship with music, an endless curiosity with the sung voice, as well as a mesmerising interest in composition.

For over 20 years now, she has experimented with her vocal instrument on the biggest stages in the world, showcasing, among other things, her particular penchant for classical music and opera. Also, the experience, the remarkable ease with which she masters her voice, inspires novice listeners to be seduced by the discovery of her, to appreciate her presence and fall in love with her « emotional vehicle ».

Thus it is here, inside these innovative Voice Conferences that Manon elaborates upon and demonstrates in a passionate, enthusiastic and thoroughly fascinating fashion, the incomparable grasp she has of her human instrument.

In addition, this musical journey is through sharing of her professional experience, the climbing and reaching of the highest summits, her personal artistic journey and unique destiny as a human being.

For all corporate, school, private party and special event, requests, information and/or reservations for a « music conference » please contact:

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